Reporting System

Our company has a detailed reporting system (MMS) for our own operation procedure and customers' information update on cargo delivery status. This reporting system is a part of our computer based truck planning and scheduling software. This system enables our operation personnel to keep track of our trucks and drivers details, including all other necessary reports for customers' transport requirements. The report can be sorted in different manners to cater for all our customers' requisition.

The MMS system will automatically highlight any discrepancies or delays of our documents returned to the office. Upon the documents being returned and processed, the system is ready to process invoicing in order to be posted for our accounting system.

More importantly, the system enables us to keep track of our trucks and drivers with digital photo files which are attached and kept in our computer records. You can enquire at any office hours to print out digital photos regarding the stuffing and un-stuffing of goods into the container. The photos also come in handy when operational personnel need to make a police report in the event if any misconduct or unexpected situations occur during our services.

For Emergency calls, we have the following dedicated managers or key personnel contact names and mobile numbers at respective branch offices to answer your enquiries.


Contact Person

Contact Number

Mr. Cheok Tuan Lim

+6019 - 652 5777


Port Klang Office

Contact Person

Contact Number

Mr. Cheok Tuan Sun

+6019 - 236 0888

Mr. Chok Chong Leong

+6012 - 366 3883

Mr. Cheok Chung Sing

+6019 - 661 1996


Pasir Gudang Office

Contact Person

Contact Number

Mr. Cheok Tuan Beng

+6012 - 787 8887

Mr. Ooi Kim Eng

+6019 - 770 7382

Mr. Tee Hiap Guan

+6012 - 771 2201


Seremban (HQ) Office

 Contact Person

 Contact Number

 Mr. Chin Yee Fatt

+6019 - 651 2228

 Mr. Yee Ah Fong

+6019 - 653 4168


Muadzam Shah Office

Contact Person

Contact Number

En. Jaafar Bin Man

+6019 - 917 4588


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