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We can assure you that your consignment will arrive at the consignee at the right time & place, in good order and at a competitive delivery pricing. We are proud to say that we own a full fleet of trucks and haulage of various kinds. We also have a complete range of facilities and equipment to carry out our services.

Our offices are located in the commercial and industrial centre of Malaysia . We have offices in Seremban, Port Klang, Kuantan and Pasir Gudang. Our modern self-managed total warehouse of 300,000 sq. ft. of Port Klang, Seremban and Pasir Gudang are strategically located within vicinity of the ports and provided easy access to the major highways and cities in Peninsular Malaysia. We currently operate a total of more than 200 various equipments, examples; haulage trucks, tankers and low bed trailers. We cover all the major routes of Peninsular Malaysia. In order to maintain our vehicles and heavy lift machineries in optimum working condition, we have our very own service workshop for maintenance and repair.

We have above 400 employees in our group of company payroll today. Our employees are all very efficient and highly motivated in serving our customers' needs. We are proud of having a good management team of professionals each with special expertise in their respective fields and well trained drivers to provide quality and reliable services to customers on time, all the time. We are committed in giving our customers "value for money" services. We have in our portfolio of customers, multi-national companies and large government agencies with whom we have earned a reputation of being reliable and efficient.

Freight Forwarding

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