Haulage & Trucking

Our services are tailored to meet your needs through the availability of a wide range of trucks for immediate pick up & delivery for your shipments throughout Peninsular Malaysia. We also dedicate our trucks to our customers for distribution.

We have a team of professionals who are always ready to assist & provide quick, innovative solutions for your trucking requirements.

Services provided Specification
No. of haulage trucks (bonded and non-bonded)
150 units of Prime Movers
259 units of 20ft Trailers
481 units of 40ft Trailers
10 units of Side Loaders
2 units of Low Loaders
10 units of Full Box Trucks
49 units of Curtain Cargo Trucks
33 units of Open Cargo Trucks
3 units of 8 ton Trucks
5 units of 5 ton Trucks
39 units of Bulk Tankers
Trucking and haulage services
Monitoring import and export movements
Mobilization of prime movers / container trailer from one destination to another
Response time for additional trucks
12 hours on a working day
24 hours on a non-working day
Multi-copies Delivery Order or Consignment Notes
Security Escort
Available upon instruction or request
Experienced drivers with good driving records
All drivers are equipped with mobile phones
We provide Low-Loader for the over-sized cargo





Curtain Sided Side Loader 40ft. Container
Container Haulage Side Loader Truck 5 - 10 Tons Box Truck
Open Top Truck Low Loader 40ft. Container Box Truck
Standard Steel Tanker Mild Steel Tanker Custom Made Truck
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