Security Management

Interway is equipped with complete security management system. We have a team of extremely capable and experienced staff, who with their enormous experiences & knowledge are geared to ensure a more reliable, disciplined and sophisticated system, along with our Standard Operation Prodecure (SOP).

Security type Specifications
Truck monitoring
  • Officers will attend to check truck at our selected location.
  • Report on movement of each individual trucks.
  • Drivers are well trained and able to take all kinds of special immediate action when any incident that might occur.
  • 24-hours operation yard located at strategic area around Malaysia for our trucks to park ladened box ensuring the safety of our customers' goods.
GPS Tracking System
  • Implemented with 1 minute real-time GPS, ability to view GPS details.
  • Almost all of our high cube containers and curtained truck are equipped with GPS, which enable us to control the movement of trucks at any time.
  • Almost all truck are equipped with alarm & immobilizer system.
  • Our operation personnel to monitor and communicate with our truck drivers in an efficient manner to protect our customer's valuable cargo.
  • We also implement the VTS Real-Time Map.
  • Email Alerts to monitor the activity real-time any place at all time.
  • All trucks are equipped with Inbuilt Panic / Duress Button.
Megatrax Stop 
  • A vehicle disabling system.
  • An advanced system that provides local and or remote control over a vehicle engine.
  • Utilizing a small key pad or a simple push of a button.
  • Megatrax Stop prevents parked vehicle from being stolen, used without authorization or from being hijacked.
  • Strategically installed, this compact unit interfaces with both the vehicle electrical and fuel systems.
24 hrs & 365 Day Security Guard  
  • Control room for Security Guard is provided at each of our warehouse.
  • All information on truck movement are recorded.
Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)   
  • All drivers have full knowledge of our SOP.
  • Special SOP will be implemented to avoid incidents such as Robbery, Accident, Break-Down, Fire or Hijack.


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